Book Coin

The new decentralized world of ebooks and audiobooks

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What is Book Coin

Book Coin is the new decentralized way to buy and trade ebooks and audiobooks

Book Coin

Book Coin is the digital asset running on the x16s algo that will be used to pay for ebooks and audiobooks on our platform in the future

Book Dex

Book Coin's Book Dex wil be the first ever fully automated decentralized ebook and audiobook market place


We have an increadble discord community online 24/7. Why not join is over there and be part of the new ebook and audiobook movement

The ebook industry is worth over a billion dollors yearly

Its time to bring this industry into the new decentralized world

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Max Supply


Block Time

1 Minute

Block Reward


Masternode Collateral


Instamine Protection

500 Blocks

Dev Fund



There will be a presale of masternodes in order to acheabe the best coin launch posible.
Most coins fail as by the time they reach and exchange early miners dump causing a price
crash and the faliure of the project. The presale means we can get listed on exchanges
upon the main launch of the project causing a stable price and value.


Here you can find all of our latest wallets and up to date scource code